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Uniform requirements for USAV events

New Playing Membership for Adult Players

CHRVA has created a new 1-Day membership category for adults to play in our CHRVA Region local tournaments. The new 1-Day membership is $20. This membership is geared to the adult player who cannot commit to a whole season but wants to join a team for the day. The adult player using this membership must do one of these procedures on the playing date: either print a copy of the 1-Day membership or show the membership on your mobile device to the Team Representative so the Team Representative can add your name and membership number to the roster prior to handing in the roster. The player can upgrade to a full membership at any time and the 1-Day cost is applied to the full membership, contact Barb cline, CHRVA Registrar for assistance.

Info to keep in mind:

  • This is for adults only
  • This is not for collegiate membership, however, a collegiate player can upgrade to a full membership by providing verification of current student status to the CHRVA Registrar
  • When registering for the 1-Day membership, the play must enter the date of the tournament, membership becomes valid on the date of the tournament, not before.
  • No refunds of a 1-Day membership
  • This membership is not counted as one of the six players needed to register a team
  • An adult team can have up to 3, 1-Day players per tournament
  • 1-Day players cannot be used for Regional Championship Tournament


CHRVA Adult Program announces "Player Looking for a Team, Team Looking for Player(s)" site on Facebook

Go to:

Click on Join
Post the following info:
Player Looking for a Team: Gender, Position, Experience, Level willing to play, Willingness to go to Adult Nationals in Orlando
Team Looking for Players: Gender and Level of Team, Open positions, Practices if applicable, Location of team if applicable, Team planning to go to Nationals if applicable

What Is a Conglomerate Team?

A conglomerate team is basically an adult age team. The National Office recognizes teams that start at 40+ and on up in increments of fives years. What does that mean? If you will turn 40 sometime during 2017, you are eligible to play on a 40+ team, as are all players older than that. But, if you are 40, you are not eligible to play on a 45+, 50+, and so on.

Why play on a conglomerate team? Some players only do so at Nationals. Others want to play more often so will be on a regular divisional team and an age team. You can also play on two conglomerate teams if you qualify for both ages groups. If you do that, you cannot play on a divisional team, as a player can be on no more than two teams. CHRVA recognizes what the National Office does, and also includes 30+ and 35+. Age teams can play in any tournament, but generally chooses a division.


The Registrar will be accepting team registrations for the new season starting on October 4. You will find the official 2017 form on all of the adult webpages and the registrar will also have it. You will not be allowed to use a form from a past season. This one will include signature confirmation that your team will abide by all CHRVA and USAV rules at tournaments where there are no uniformed referees. This is very important.

In order to register your team you will need the following:

  • Six or more players who have renewed membership or newly joined, have all paid in full, and provided any required documentation.
  • If your team was registered in 2016, you do not have to provide more than the players’ full names UNLESS they:
  • Have moved
  • Changed their names
  • Are new to your team
  • You will need help from the registrar if a player is coming from another region; is attached to a Junior team; or needs to change a name or address in Webpoint

You cannot play in a tournament without a team #. Once you have met the above criteria with the registrar, she will assign you your team number.

Video - 2016/2017 Rules Information


For the 2017 season, the Men and WAA/A tournaments will pilot a new program where all regular season tournaments will be self-reffed and both the refs and scorers will not be required to be certified. In order to make that work, we needed to make some additional changes:

  • Annual rule changes will be posted on each of the four adult webpages
  • Matching uniforms and numbered jerseys are optional
  • R1, R2, and score flipper willbe responsible for catching illegal use of Libero (i.e. rotating to the front row, serving illegally)
  • We’ll continue to the use the official scoresheet, but only the top part and the end results will be required to be completed. Anyone who cares to fill out the entire sheet will be welcome to do so.
  • The Tournament Director will appoint two other individuals (one from each court) to serve on the protest committee in order to resolve issues using the Handbook and DCR. Hosts will be required to provide either hard copies or a laptop or tablet. Researching rules on phones will not be allowed.
  • All teams will be agreeing to this when signing the team registration form. This signature also holds your team to act with courtesy and consideration toward all work teams and each other.

As of right now, there are no plans to make changes to WBB/B. If this season goes well, we will ask those players and re-evaluate.

All of the above will be included in the Handbook under “Pilot Programs for Adults.”

Borrowing Players Update
If a team is playing up a level (i.e. BB team playing in an A tournament), the BB team may borrow ONE A player. In this case that player will be treated as if he or she is from another club so the team must follow all rules associated with borrowing from outside the club. (Applies to Adults only)

Split Playoffs
For the past three years we have held split playoffs for multi-divisional tournaments as long as there were a minimum of three teams in each division. At this time we have finally “nailed down” the process of how the playoffs will be held and how many points will be awarded in each scenario. If has all been written out and the details will appear in the next edition of the CHRVA Handbook (October 2016).

Team Movement
Per the Handbook, players’ levels are determined by the team on which they play. You may call yourself a BB player when you register in Webpoint, but if you play on an A team, your level of play is A. That means that you cannot be borrowed by a BB team. It was not clear how this affected players when a team was moved up or down through voluntary or involuntary movement.

When a team is moved up or down a level either voluntarily or through forced movement, all players on that roster who have already played then become classified at the new level. If the team have been moved up, those players can no longer play at the lower level. Players who have not yet played, may be moved to another team in the club that is playing at the lower level.

Also, sometime during the last week of January and first week of February of each season, the teams will be evaluated based on the results of the tournaments played so far. The purpose of this is to try to even out the number of teams in each division for the good of the Region. If any teams are tagged for movement up or down, the coordinator will ask the team if they would be willing to move. If a team says no and the Tournament Committee will discuss if the move should be initiated through the Eligibility Committee. This would only happen if a team’s results to date are very much skewed in the direction of movement. The Eligibility Committee will hold a meeting using feedback from the Tournament Committee, the results to date compared to other teams in that division, and feedback from the team and then make a determination.


All Adult Regionals will be held on Saturday, April 22, 2017 at MD Juniors Sports Center in Jessup, MD*

*Any team may play in Regionals, but in order to receive any reimbursement toward the National Championships, your team must play in 30% of the tournaments scheduled on SportsCommander during the regular season. If a tournament is canceled before being posted on SportsCommander, it does not count toward the 30%. However, if it is canceled due to lack of teams, it will count for the teams that registered and against those that chose not to play.


Information for National Championships

In January, click here to be connected to information on the the 2017 Adult Nationals.


The US Adult Open Championships will be held in Minneapolis, MN.
Check the link in January for information on hotels and entry.
*In order to receive reimbursement toward Nationals, your team must play in at least 30% of the tournaments posted on SportsCommander. (See the rule to the left under Regionals). You must also send a copy of your entry to the Commissioner by her deadline. It will be posted once it is announced.

2017 Scoring Forms

CHRVA Handbook

CHRVA Handbook

See pages 1-2 for quick summaries of new rules and Adult Program Pilot programs

Adult Program Director

Monica Peele

Women's BB/B Coordinator

Karen Love
23300 Wilderness Walk Ct
Gaithersburg, MD  20882

Women's AA/A Coordinator

Joan Ryan
7114 Strathmore St
Falls Church, VA 22042


Men's Adult Coordinator

Natashia Johnson


Safety, Well-Being of USAV Members Top Priority

USA Volleyball and our Regional Volleyball Associations have always believed the safety and well-being of its members is a top priority. We will continue to explore every measure under our control to protect all members on and off the court and implement a zero tolerance policy for any conduct or behavior violations. On July 27, ESPN’s Outside the Lines revisited the important issue of safety in youth sports – and volleyball in particular. Their coverage was a bold reminder that the time is now for ALL sport organizations to institute, strengthen, enforce and diligently monitor policies concerning reporting misconduct, inappropriate behavior and cases of abuse. Protecting the youth and the athletes must be a priority to us all. USA Volleyball will continue to find ways to ensure that those who violate the principles of fair play and USOC SafeSport will have no place within our organization.