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Men's Division


Congratulations to Cavalier for winning at Regionals!

Second place: Bad Knees Bears

Third place: Chaos


Congratulations to Two Dink Minimum for winning silver at Regionals.


Men's MVP: Bruce Tran (Cavalier)


Men's All Tournament Team:

Brian Hall (All About the Beer)

David Schryber (Bad Knees Bears)

Bruce Tran (Cavalier)

Sergey Kornilov (Chaos)

Kody Glasgow (Misfits)

Jose Velazquez (Two Dink Minimum)

End of the Season Team Rep Meeting

The region Commissioner, Adult Program Director, and coordinators would like to you to attend a meeting on June 6th in Beltsville, Md.  We want to hear your thoughts on how this season went and what changes you'd like to see next season.   Details will be sent to team reps a few days before the meeting.  Hope you can attend.

Welcome to the 2017 CHRVA Men's Season!!

Individual Membership Registration:
If you have not already done so, renew your membership for this season. Your membership will expire at 11:59 pm on Saturday, October 31. Failing to do so by November 1 will force you to obtain new log in information. Use this link to get started:
You can use this link to become a new member as well.

New Playing Membership for Adult Players
CHRVA has created a new membership category for adults. It is a one-day membership for $20 that allows someone to play in one tournament during the season. This person can register up until morning check in. The player must be able to print out a copy of the membership receipt and it should be turned in at check in with the team roster. The player can upgrade to a full membership at any time by logging into Webpoint and paying the balance of $30. Couple of things to keep in mind:

  • This is for adults only
  • This is not available as a collegiate membership. However, after playing, a collegiate player can update to full membership by providing verification of fulltime student status.
  • This membership is good for ONE date only
  • When players register for this membership, they must enter the date of the tournament
  • In order to play again during the season, at Regionals, or Nationals, the player must upgrade to full membership status
  • This membership is not counted as one of the six players needed to register a team

Team Registration: Form Below
To register your team for this season use the 2017 CHRVA Team Registration form. You must have at minimum of six players registered as members for membership this season before you will be assigned a team number. You can't enter a tournament without a team number. Detailed instructions are on page one of the form. You can download the form below or from the Adults page by clicking on the Forms & Documents on the left of the page. Please make sure that you submit the document in EXCEL to the CHRVA Registrar, Barb Cline at


Now Available


For the 2017 season, the Men and WAA/A tournaments will pilot a new program where all regular season tournaments will be self-reffed and both the refs and scorers will not be required to be certified. In order to make that work, we needed to make some additional changes:

  • Annual rule changes will be posted on each of the four adult webpages
  • Matching uniforms and numbered jerseys are optional
  • R1, R2, and score flipper willbe responsible for catching illegal use of Libero (i.e. rotating to the front row, serving illegally)
  • We’ll continue to the use the official scoresheet, but only the top part and the end results will be required to be completed. Anyone who cares to fill out the entire sheet will be welcome to do so.
  • The Tournament Director will appoint two other individuals (one from each court) to serve on the protest committee in order to resolve issues using the Handbook and DCR. Hosts will be required to provide either hard copies or a laptop or tablet. Researching rules on phones will not be allowed.
  • All teams will be agreeing to this when signing the team registration form. This signature also holds your team to act with courtesy and consideration toward all work teams and each other

Borrowing Players Update
If a team is playing up a level (i.e. BB team playing in an A tournament), the BB team may borrow ONE A player. In this case that player will be treated as if he or she is from another club so the team must follow all rules associated with borrowing from outside the club. (Applies to Adults only)

Team Movement
Per the Handbook, players’ levels are determined by the team on which they play. You may call yourself a BB player when you register in Webpoint, but if you play on an A team, your level of play is A. That means that you cannot be borrowed by a BB team. It was not clear how this affected players when a team was moved up or down through voluntary or involuntary movement.

When a team is moved up or down a level either voluntarily or through forced movement, all players on that roster who have already played then become classified at the new level. If the team have been moved up, those players can no longer play at the lower level. Players who have not yet played, may be moved to another team in the club that is playing at the lower level.



USAV Rules Commissions Modifies Libero Jersey Rule 19.2 to be More Flexible

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (Feb. 26, 2016) – USA Volleyball passed a major rule change regarding the Libero and fast-tracked its implementation to immediate status during its Rules Commission Meeting on Feb. 25, 2016 in Denver.

A motion was made and passed to change the wording of USAV Rule 19.2 to read as: “The Libero(s) must wear a uniform which clearly contrasts with the rest of the team.” A second motion was passed that made the implementation of the new rule immediate.  The new rule replaces the "Solid Color Jersey" rule.


All Adult Regionals will be held on Saturday, April 22, 2017, at MD Juniors Sports Center in Jessup, MD*
*Any team may play in Regionals, but in order to receive any reimbursement toward the National Championships, your team must play in 30% of the tournaments scheduled on SportsCommander during the regular season. If a tournament is canceled before being posted on SportsCommander, it does not count toward the 30%. However, if it is canceled due to lack of teams, it will count for the teams that registered and against those that chose not to play.

The US Adult Open Championships will be held in Minneapolis, MN. Click on the link for the schedule of division and age play. Registration and hotel reservations should open on January 17.
*In order to receive reimbursement toward Nationals, your team must play in at least 30% of the tournaments posted on SportsCommander. (See the rule above under Regionals). You must also send a copy of your entry to the Commissioner by APRIL 8.

Officials for 2017

New for this season, men's tournaments will not require certified officials. All tournaments will be self-officiated during pool play AND playoffs, as there will be no Non-Player Referee onsite and your R1, R2, and scorers will not need to be certified. This was put into place new this season in order to make things easier for you and to help cut costs. More details will be available in October.

ALL Officials MUST watch the Scorers' Clinic. The changes are significant enough that watching the clinic is required. Only those whose scorer's certification expire on October 31 must take the test.

ALL referees must watch BOTH the Referee Recert clinic AND the Scorers' Clinic (as above) and MUST take the Referee test. If your scorer's certification expires on October 31, you must take BOTH tests.

The clinics for the 2017 season have not yet been posted. Please keep an eye on the CHRVA Officials' Page for information. FYI, you can ONLY view them using Firefox and Chrome. The clinics are not supported by Explorer.

Men's Tournament Schedule

Date Number of Teams Host Location Entry Available on SC? Notes EntryDeadline
12/10 10 Fairfax Vball Club VVC, Sterling, VA Yes 11/26
1/14 5 Milkshakes Cassel's, Herndon, VA Yes Cancelled! 12/31
1/28 10 Fairfax Vball Club VVC, Sterling, VA Yes 1/14
2/4 10 Reunited VBH, Elkridge, MD Yes Cancelled! 1/21
2/26 10 Baltimore Club Volleyball Community College of Baltimore Co. Yes 2/12
3/4 10 Milkshakes Cassel's, Herndon, VA Yes 2/18
4/1 10 Fairfax Vball Club VVC, Sterling, VA Yes 3/18
4/8 10 Milkshakes Cassel's, Herndon, VA Cancelled! 3/25
4/22 ALL REGIONALS (CHRVA) MD Jrs, Jessup MD 4/8

Using SportsCommander

Men's Division - Points as of 4/4/2017

Team Name Tournaments Played Tournaments needed for 30% Points
All About the Beer 5 2 0
American 18* 1 0
Bad Knees Bears 2 2 16
Baltimore Elite 1 2 2
Baltimore Elite U18 Boys* 1 0
BRYC Boys 17-1* 2 6
BRYC Boys 18-1* 1 1
BRYC Boys Mixed Age* 1 0
Cavalier 2 2 14
Chaos 3 2 16
Killing Time 1 2 0
Misfits 3 2 7
Momentum 3 2 0
Mully's Impact 1 2 0
MVP 18 Red* 1 0
Potomac Elite 17 U Blue* 1 0
RVC 16-1* 1 0
Time Out Boys* 1 0
Two Dink Minimum 4 2 7
*Juniors and/or Out of Region Teams

CHRVA Men's Tournament Coordinator

Natisha Johnson