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Women's Division

Welcome to the 2017/2018 Season

We're combining all women's divisions to one website this year.  


If you were registered last year, you should receive a reminder email soon.  Once you do, to register as an individual, use: 

If your name or mailing address has changed, please contact the Registrar to make the changes in WebPoint for you. DO NOT create a new record. If you do that, you will lose all your history and access to your certifications.

You need at least six teammates to have completed their individual registration before you can register your team.  If you need a last minute player, we're continuing the one day membership this year.  Please use the form on the page below to register your team b/c older versions won't be accepted. The page also contains the club form.  There are HUGE pluses to being in a club (it's so much easier to field a legal team) and no downsides so please contact other teams and form the biggest club you can


The regular season will start in December.  As the hosts turn in their paperwork, their tournaments will be added to the schedule below.  The fellowships have already been scheduled.


If your team isn't already in a club, join one!  Creating and joining a club is free and super easy.    It's so much easier to field a team when you have club players (you can borrow as many club players at your team's level or lower, as you want).  You can easily create a club using the document above.  


CHRVA Adults Page

Team and club registration forms found here.

Changes to the Women's A Program

We're heard your suggestions.  The region is continuing the pilot program with the A and A/BB tournaments.  You won't need matching jerseys, certified scorers, or certified refs.  Your shirts will need unique numbers, unlike the 16/17 season, because multiple teams complained that scoring was too difficult w/o numbers. Even if the person you put on the stand or at the scorer's table isn't certified, please please make sure they know what they're doing.  We all know how frustrating it is to play a match when the ref doesn't know the basic rules.  Everyone can view the ref and scorer training videos for free.

Keep those suggestions coming!

CHRVA Handbook

Here's the latest handbook.

2017 Fellowships

Nov 11 at Soccer Stop LLC in Columbia, MD

Nov 18 at Soccer Stop LLC in Columbia, MD

Nov 19 at Md Juniors in Jessup, MD

Nov 26 at VVC in Sterling, VA

Will post more info as it becomes available.

2018 US Nationals will be in Dallas, Texas.





Online Tournament Registration

The system will change this year.  Although we really liked SportsCommander, the company is no longer providing the application.  We'll be going to AES, which is the registration system many of you have used for Nationals.  More info to come on this.

2017-2018 Tentative Tournament Schedule (as the hosts turn in their paperwork, their tournaments will be added)

Date Divison Nbr of Teams Host Gym Location Entry Available? EntryDeadline
12/2 BB/B 12 Milkshakes Cassel's Sports Complex, Herndon, VA No 11/18
12/9 A/BB 10 NVVA AVBC VVC, Sterling, VA No 11/25
12/10 B/BB 10 Reunited VBH, Elkridge, MD No 11/26
12/16 A/BB 10 Rebellion VC VBH, Elkridge, MD No 12/2
1/6 A/BB 10 Rebellion VC VBH, Elkridge, MD No 12/23
1/13 BB/B 10 Milkshakes Cassel's Sports Complex, Herndon, VA No 12/30
4/14 A, BB, and B TBD REGIONALS Discovery Sports Center, Boyds, MD No




A Teams and Points

Team Points Earned Tournaments Played Tournaments Needed for 30%
Fun Divas 0 0 0
LaJit 0 0 0
NOVA Knockers 0 0 0
Remate* 0 0 0
Sets and the City 0 0 0
Smackdown* 0 0 0
Stella* 0 0 0

* BB teams that were moved up



Women's Coordinator

Joan Ryan

7114 Strathmore St
Falls Church, VA 22042

703-307-1795 (I'm much better about checking email than I am checking voice mail)