3.3.3 CHRVA Movement Division Coordinators and/or the Adult Program Director will be responsible for identifying teams for movement. The criteria for identifying such teams includes, but is not limited to: (1) prior season performance; (2) match wins and losses (and percentages); (3) set wins and losses (and percentages); (4) points for and against (and average margin of victory or loss); (5) the points awarded for competition; and (6) team rosters. These criteria may include an evaluation within a specific division and/or the division for which the team is being considered. Once teams have been identified for movement, the Adult Program Director will forward the recommendation to the Tournament Committee.   Tournament Committee will determine if the criteria used to  identify teams for movements was appropriate to justify their movements.  In other words, the Tournament Committee must show how the teams recommended for movement compare against other similarly-situated teams (or all teams) against the competitive field.

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