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Policy regarding Court-side Music

In the spirit of fair play and good sportsmanship, the court-side playing of music is restricted to the time prior to and during warmups for the first match of the day in the facility.  A referee may ask that music be silenced in order to have his or her pre-match instructions heard. At any time, the tournament host or the facility reserves the right to prohibit any or all court-side music. 


Coaches - although it is not a requirement, it is a sportsmanship thing to remember to do when the other team is hitting!

Invalid rosters could lead to your team not participating !

‚ÄčIn order to participate in all CHRVA tournaments (except Capitol Hill Classic, which uses a separate process), each team must present a valid roster.  This roster ...

  1. has to be a Web Point Roster (not an AES or Sports Wrench, etc)
  2. has to have ALL the correctly assigned players that are playing that day
  3. has to have the coaches listed.  These rostered coaches have to have been background screened and IMPACT certified.  No one else can be sitting on your team bench or in your warmup area
  4.  cannot be hand written, from another tournament, or incomplete.  The only exception is that they players numbers can written in or changed at the prior to be submitted to the tournament director

Due to liability issues, if any of the above items are not met, the tournament directors are instructed to not let the team participate until it is rectified.