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Power League


CHRVA is pleased to announce the 1st annual East Coast Boys Showdown; a multi-region series of tournaments that is intended to create and appropriate a diverse, dynamic system of competition for its participants.

Tournament Series Schedule

Name Division(s) Dates Host Region/Club/Facility
Chesapeake Showdown (14/13), (16/15), (18/17) Dec 18-19 Maryland Juniors Sports Center/Jessup, MD
Cap Hill Classic Showdown #1 (18/17) only Feb 12-13 Washington, DC
Cap Hill Classic Showdown #2 (14/13), (16/15) Feb 19-21*(3-day) Washington, DC
RVA Showdown #1 (14/13), (16/15) Mar 12-13 Richmond, VA (RVC)
RVA Showdown #2 (18/17) only Mar 12-13 Richmond, VA (ODVA)
Championship Showdown #1 (14/13) only Jun 11-12 Maryland Juniors Sports Center/Jessup, MD
Championship Showdown #2 (16/15) only Jun 11-12 The St. James/Springfield, VA
Championship Showdown #3 (18/17) only Apr 23-24 Long Island, NY

Why Should You Consider the Showdown Series?

  1. Matched Competition:  The intent of the Showdown Series is to create a structure that maintains a high and appropriate level of competition for all participants.  Teams seeded alike end up competing against each other and every team has an equal chance of moving up and down league flights.  Because every match counts, competition remains high with respect to every team’s level of play.
  2. Core Schedule Supplement:  The showdown series offers an avenue of filling up a team’s season schedule to boys' clubs.  Generally, teams use these tournaments to supplement bigger tournaments like qualifiers
  3. Club Collaboration and Interaction:  Schedules are put together with the cooperation of different clubs and facilities to allow flexibility between each other.  This creates a concrete schedule that can accommodate all teams that wish to participate.

Showdown Logistics

A series of multi-day tournaments has been established in the following order:

  • Initial Seeding (Chesapeake Showdown)
  • Power Play #1 (Capitol Hill Classic Showdown)
  • Power Play #2 (RVA Showdown)
  • Championship Flights (Championship Showdown)

The first tournament is for seeding, so how a team finishes that first weekend determines where they will be grouped for bracket play the next tournament. Teams are grouped together with teams who finished with the same record during the previous weekend and each event, a pre-determined number of teams are moved up or down based on their performance.  Teams will be required to play in at least one of the Chesapeake, Cap Hill Classic, or RVA Showdowns to qualify for the Championship.

We are looking to field 24 teams per age division (14/13; 16/15; & 18/17) to kick off the initial season of the series.  Depending on numbers, each tournament after the seeding tournament will break up into Flights of 8-12 teams for competition.  The top and bottom 2-3 teams of each flight will be eligible to move up and down flight respectively, after each series tournament.  Please see the seeding section for a more detailed explanation on the awarding of seeding points.


Seeding for the Showdown Series will employ a number of factors to include recent showdown finishes, information from club directors, and current season head-to-head results where applicable.  As earlier said, the first tournament will act as an initial seeding tournament where teams will play into their flights for the next round.  The breakdown of points used to award seeding can be found below:



Match Points


             Flight Multipliers
(n= number of flights)
Match Win 3 A n
Match Tie 1 B n-1
Match Loss 0 C n-2






Premium Points Chesapeake Showdown Cap Hill Classic Showdown RVA Showdown Championship Showdown

 1st place

20 40 60 80
2nd Place 10 20 30 40
3rd place 5 10 15 20


Seeding = (Match Points Awarded + Premium Points) * Flight Multiplier

For example,  a team that finishes the Chesapeake Showdown in first place with 7 matches won and plays in the top flight will have accumulated as follows:  (21 + 20) * 3 = 123 points.