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The Bylaws of the Chesapeake Region Volleyball Association dictate how the CHRVA region is governed. CHRVA has an elected Board of Directors who are charged with ensuring the bylaws are enacted. The Board of Directors shall consist of 15 CHRVA members in good standing. Members of the Board of Directors are elected to serve for a term of two years. Board of Director members are expected to attend a meeting at least once per quarter. The members of the Board of Directors serve without compensation.

Interested in running for a CHRVA Board of Directors position?

  • Check out the CHRVA Bylaws Articles VII and IX to get more information on the duties of the Board of Directors/Officers.
  • Information on the Nominations and Elections procedures are detailed in Article XI of the CHRVA Bylaws
  • Submit a completed nomination form by midnight March 16, 2019.
  • For questions regarding the election process, contact Pat Dayton at

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